Online Programs For Student Enrollment Essay

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For almost a decade, student enrollment rates in online educational programs have greatly increased and exceeded overall student enrollment in higher education (Allen & Seaman, 2010). These numbers are expected to continue to rise each year, particularly due to the downturn of the economy, including rising unemployment rates and increased fuel costs (Allen & Seaman, 2008; Allen & Seaman, 2010). Furthermore, many adult learners are returning to online programs to further their education because of the convenience and flexibility of courses while balancing home and work demands (Noel-Levitz, 2011). Many academic institutions have reported that online programs are critical to their long-term growth, as there is a greater demand for online classes as compared to traditional face-to-face courses (Kuo, Walker, Belland, & Shroder, 2013). Allen and Seaman (2013) suggested that 69.1 percent of chief academic leaders indicate that online programs play a vital role in future growth of their institutions.
Online programs provide a significant source of revenue to academic institutions, thus there is a need for these programs to be successful. However, many academic leaders have concerns about the students’ level of discipline, as well as the retention rates in online programs. Attrition rates are higher in online programs than in face-to-face programs, and while enrollment rates in online programs have continued to increase, graduation rates have not (Dray, Lowenthal, Miszkiewicz,…

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