Argumentative Essay: Online College Vs Traditional College

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Education has always been important and now with the availability of online education, more people of all ages can now get an education at their own convenience without having to commute to a physical college. When a potential student wants to get a college degree, they have an important decision to make. They could choose either online college or go the traditional route but with the technology advancing these days there is now a blended education method so students can have both options with or without leaving your home.
It does seem like that more and more people are deciding to switch from the traditional college method to online college for many reasons. When a person enrolls in online college they are looking for the flexibility and the ease of access for their classes. You are able to login in at anytime and on any computer or mobile phone. This option is probably best for people who have full time jobs, people who do not have transportation, single parents or elderly people who still want that college degree. One of the best parts of online college would have to be the affordability compared to traditional college. Most online colleges include the books and
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Students just have more time to complete the work and are able to comprehend the work they are doing instead of rushing to turn the work in on time with online compared to the traditional way. Another reason why online college is a better choice than traditional is because with traditional college, you have to commute back and forth to the campus rather than just waking up at home and logging into your classes. You know how it usually takes either two, four or even more years just to complete a degree with a traditional college? Well with online college that time can get cut in half or even more depending on how many classes a person can take at one time or how many they can

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