Online Education Is Truly A Valid Option Essay example

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As the importance of a college education grows, students are looking for more ways to attend the classes necessary to acquire one. These students typically have busy schedules or live a distance away from their school of choice. This means that the students may not have the opportunity to attend their classes in person. The most popular alternative is taking the course in an online environment. However, with so many students turning to this option, people have been questioning whether or not an online education can stand up to the quality of a traditional one. Colleges, students, employers, and other critics are doing extensive research to determine if an online education is truly a valid option. Many factors are to be taken into consideration in the argument, ranging from the qualitative to the quantitative. Supporters of online courses discuss the opportunities that online courses can offer versus traditional ones. These opportunities include student customization, environment, and cost. However, the main concern of other critics is the quality of the education and the performance of the students. The final question to be considered is what students personally prefer.
After analyzing the plethora of research on these topics, the differences between the two instruction styles appear to be less significant than one might initially think. In fact, there are many cases where results suggest that online may have an edge over traditional if it is implemented correctly.…

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