Online Dating : It Has Become Easy For People Essay examples

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Since online dating websites lack crediblilty, it has become easy for people to lie to their potential matches. This is a problem when emotions are involved. In any dating situation there are several emotions involved, emotions that should not be tampered with. By simply signing up for an online dating profile, you are putting your heart out to the world. There are people on the internet who trick, lie, and deceive, which is never easy on someone that is emotionally attached. It is a well known fact that we can’t trust everything that we see on the internet, including people. In fact, according “Strategic Misrepresentation in Online Dating,” author Jeffrey Hall states, “The number one fear of people who search for a romantic partner online is being deceived by a potential partner (Hall 118). One of the more popular dating apps known as “Tinder,” gives users the opportunity to view five photographs and a small biography when choosing their potential matches. That hardly seems like enough to efficiently assess someone’s personality. Online dating profiles are not monitored for credibility, therefore people can lie about their hobbies, looks, and age. This becomes a problem after someone has become emotionally attached to or involved with someone that doesn’t even exist. The real problem occurs when people make themselves out to be a completely different person than they are. It isn’t hard for anyone to find an image of a handsome man or women on the internet and make it your…

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