How To Write An Argumentative Essay On Online Dating

Meoshae Richardson
Mrs. Dingler
English 101-117
18 November 2014
Persuasive Argumentative RD
Online Love Connection Online dating has become popular to so many people around the world who are seeking a love connection. Meeting someone online can have both advantages and disadvantages. The internet has played a big role in how people engage in romantic relations. Some may say that the internet has helped to increase the opportunity to connect with people, while others say that online communication has damaged the value of the whole dating process. The ability to create a profile and communicate with other people around the world has become a popular trend. People spend so much time on social media that they do not have the time to actually go out to meet a soul mate. Online dating sites have led people to believe that love is having things in common. However, love should not be determined by compatibility. Online dating can be convenient for those who have jobs and children. Dating online can also be beneficial to those who may live further away from whomever they are communicating with, as well as those who do not have the funds to go out on dates. 44 percent of adult Americans are single, according to U.S. Census figures. This means there are over 100 million unattached folks out there - See more at: online also makes things a bit easier when people may not have time to meet up with someone. Using the dating websites can be beneficial
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Online dating networks have changed people’s views on love in so many ways. The ability to create a profile and communicate with someone has become a popular trend. However, online dating can be a scan. It may actually be best to find someone outside of a social network instead of paying fees to be with someone based off of a compatibility site. When dating online always be aware of different changes in someone, you never know who is behind those

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