Oliver Clarke Should Students Be Required For Their Future Career

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Oliver Clarke Should Students be able to Shape the TDSB Curriculum September 28th, 2015

Highschool, a place teenagers to develop important skills that they need for their journey into adulthood, whether it be grasping life 's basic fundamentals, establishing a connection to the laws of our society, and most of all, the skills for their future career, whether it 's something as simple as a librarian or as complicated as a brain surgeon, highschool is where it all begins, or at least where it should be begin. Giving students the power over their own curriculum is a critical step forwards in creating a highschool experience that is not only considerably more useful in helping students leave highschool with a career goal in mind, but also one that is more enjoyable, granting students some sense of control over lives with little to no boundaries between them and their future career. Furthermore, students should also be able to change the speed of their learning, there is no doubt that some students learn in different ways than others, so throwing completely different students, with completely different ways of learning into one classroom and shoving one form of information down their throat isn’t going to work. Finally, letting students change the speed and direction of their course is the first step towards a better education system and more importantly a better society. Our current system of teaching is in desperate need of change, and by doing so the system…

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