Traditional Education In Real Life

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Traditional education always be criticized in college movies. As a necessary part of life, traditional education is not without value. People who highly educated can better adapt society, such as getting a good job. However, education still makes many people disappointed in real life. Creativity and passion are important for schooling which are always ignored.
In the movie “Accepted”, the protagonist Bartleby is rejected from all colleges he applied. Then he creates a fake college. A large number of rejected students come to his college. In his college, teachers are nonexistent, everyone can be a teacher and can decide what to learn. This novel college cause controversy by others. It is impossible in real life, but it reflects some problems
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What should be the purpose for idealized college education? People go to college in order to improve themselves in lots of aspects. Most of them hope to have a better life from learning useful things in school. College education should inspire potential and make students find what they are interested in and help them grow up with their dream. However, traditional college in real life does not show like that. Traditional education focus too much on grades. In traditional college, students have many papers, assignments and exams. These things evaluate whether a student is “good” or “bad”. If a student is doing badly in the exams, he or she will face to fail a course or may be kicked out of college. That makes great psychological stress for students, so they have to work hard to get good grades. Many students are not really interested in courses they take. As a university student, I sometimes talk about study with my schoolmates. It shows that students enrolls in some course just because it is easy to get good grades. Some students decide their major depend on what their parents wish them to do or what major can make them get a good job after graduation. But they are not really like it. College education makes students give up their dreams and become common people like others in a way. They lose their passion and creativity for studying, and obey the rule of the …show more content…
In the beginning of the movie, Bartleby did not accept by any college, he did not like study and has many excuses to skip classes in high school. He did not want his parents disappointed, so he creates the fake college and give it an ironic name “SHIT”- South Harmon Institute of Technology. Bartleby is not good at getting high score, but he has talent in organizing. His leadership encourage other students to be on the same side with him. When Bartleby argue with his parents that college is not necessary, he list a series of successful people who are not graduate from colleges, such as Albert Einstein, Pocahontas, Suzanne Somers. Although they did not educated from college, they have talent in other side which cannot learning from schooling. The truth is that not all kids are really fit schooling in college. These people are free to dig into what they really interested in without college education. They did not bound their mind by college. However, most people in real life are common and education from college is a good way for learning things. Compare to “SHIT”, the schooling system in real life should be improved and change to make students more freedom and thinking more from learning. For example, pay more attention on what students really willing to learn and encourage them open

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