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Mental Process Paper LaToya Cherry-Lopez OI/361 April 8, 2013 Kenneth Ferguson The four styles of creative thinking are instruments that many uses to help make decisions easier. These decisions focus on life experiences, education, environment, beliefs, and other people thoughts. The four styles of creative intelligence are intuition, innovation, imagination, and inspiration. These four styles are instruments of organizations that are use to create a business and

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Imagination is a style used to influence creativity and change within an organization. Leaders with a strong desire to use be creative move forward in their career by using their imagination to create unique ideas and goals for their organization to grow and thrive beyond their competitors. The imagination style is similar to inspiration style. The similarity between imagination and inspiration involves a desire to create something out of thought and focus. Both styles share the same the desire to create something innovative with limitless possibilities. The four styles of creative intelligence can make a difference on the decisions made just as the five forces of mental models and mindset influence decisions.
The five forces of that can influence mental models and mindsets are education, training, experience, incentives, and influence from people. Education and training makes an influence on mental models and mindsets because of information that help people have a better understanding of how to deal with people and providing educational information on learning more about the career they chose to be a part of. Many organizations choose leaders who have high degrees in education because they know these employees are prepared to make decisions in a positive manner. Training is also and essential part in making high-quality decisions. Because of the
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