Essay on Office Supervisor At Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel

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Introduction (1-2 pages) The job that I have identified is the Front Office Supervisor at Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel. Sheraton is under the Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, has recently been purchased by Marriott International becoming the largest hotel and resort company. This is crucial because it allows for better and deeper opportunities in the company. It would make it easier for a person trying to climb his/her way up to move between the 30 hotel brands. The Front Office Supervisor job is describes as a position that is responsible for supervision of the Front Office Department, ensuring the highest level of guest service, and ensuring results are in accordance with the objectives. I believe that I would be a good fit for this job and would excel in the position due to my past experiences and my passion for the Front Office Department. First, I have already completed my internship position at the Sheraton Centre Toronto in the Front Office department. Through the experience, I was able to learn how Sheraton Front Office operated. The department was comprised of front desks, guest services, valet services, and VIP experience. I learnt how each department accompanied each other and how it had to work as a team. Moreover, through the experience, I learned the role of a supervisor/ manager. I worked closely with my Front Office manager, asking him many questions about his day-to-day schedule and what he did as a supervisor to be at the position he is in…

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