Odysseus As A Hero In The Odyssey By Homer

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In the Odyssey I think that Odysseus is a hero, I think this because many times in the Odyssey, Odysseus shows his bravery and his showmanship, those are just some of the qualities he has to be a leader and a hero. Odysseus is the major hero in the story with the Cyclops being the villain or the antagonist. There are many times in the story when Odysseus shows his courage and strength by killing the cyclops. Odysseus is the hero in this story because the entire time he was being the leader. Odysseus also shows that he is a true man and he waits for the Cyclops when visiting other reasons instead of not waiting and stealing from him. On the other hand in the story Odysseus does many things that are not qualities of a hero like, cheating, stealing, …show more content…
Cyclops Polyphemus, traps Odysseus and a scouting party in his cave. The Cyclops, is very quick on his feet as bends down to grabs two men and promptly eat them. Some people say that they think that the cyclops is the victim because Odysseus wandered into his cave, but after that the Cyclops did trap them and eat two of the men. In this part of the story the only person that was looking good was Odysseus who used his cleverness and smarts to get out of the cave alive and save some people.
Odysseus is very clever and quick minded. You can tell this by how he devised a way to escape the cyclops and save himself and the others with him. He did this by using a wooden stake they made to blind the cyclops Polyphemus in the eye, and then escaping with his men. He also shows his smarts and endearment by how he marched back home with all of the soldiers not leaving one behind even though he wanted to get home as fast as he could to see his family.
From reading this book and writing this essay I can really tell that Odysseus was a very determined, smart man. I think that Odysseus is a hero because it shows that he is a leader and he's not just going to give up when he doesn't think he can make it or get through it. What I got out of this was if you are determined and you don't give up good things will come your way and you will be

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