Odysseus Is A Hero

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Odysseus, the man, the myth,the legend, the hero? I believe Odysseus is a hero despite some of his actions I think he is a beast. I think Odysseus is a hero because he safely navigated out of a storm that came out of Poseidon's wrath. He also escaped Polyphemus and his island of cannibalistic cyclops. He also killed off the strongest men in Ithaca and took back his kingdom.

Imagine being caught in one of those scenes in a movie where people on a fishing boat are stuck out in the middle of a storm while trying to haul in the biggest fish on the planet. Now imagine that you're on your handmade wooden raft and you just *issd off the god of the sea. Welcome to Odysseus’s struggles as he tries to get back to Ithaca. Most of the time in
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That is while they usually have a high powered rifle. Imagine Odysseus, he had a bow not everyone of the new high tech compound bows from the 21st century. A recurve bow hand made from some wild tree. Yet Odysseus somehow manages to complete the heroic feat of killing the top men from Ithaca. Including that wanna be Odysseus ringleader dude.Is Odysseus a hero?

Odysseus somehow outsmarted the son of the god (that tried to destroy him earlier). It would be bad enough if it was like that Luke guy that’s the antagonist in “The Lightning Thief,” but this was a huge cannibalistic cyclops that has the bloodline of a god. It’s not like he just used his strength (which would have been a lot cooler to watch) he used his thinking cap which is something most Odysseus look likes don't have. He also saved most of his men which is pretty heroic to be honest.

As you can tell by my essay I think he is a hero. I liked looking at him as a hero a lot more than how most of the class did as a zero. I liked thinking of it in a positive way instead of a movie critic. Everyone makes mistakes and you have to understand that if you are going to think about The Odyssey like a logical person. He's a hero nobody said he was a god or

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