Odysseus Being A Hero Essay

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Envision a world where we couldn’t see anybody's physical appearance, no skin, bone or organ. What would we see internally beneath the barriers of flesh and cell? Would we see an ego different from ourselves or a substance exactly the same? How can we know the answer to this question when we can’t even assess the differences because we are so attached to our own egos. In Homer’s, The Odyssey, Odysseus embarks on a journey from the city of Troy, back to his home in Ithaca. Odysseus consistently yearns to be reunited with his family ultimately achieving this goal through tremendous struggle. However, what is most important to realize is that though Odysseus is an imperfect man, he should be considered a hero because he emphasizes to humanity …show more content…
While orating his journey to the Phaeacians Odysseus says, “now an enticing sleep came on me, bone-weary from working the vessel’s sheet myself, [...] never trusting the ropes to any other mate” (10.35-10.37). Odysseus’s physical fatigue illustrates the power that his ego has over him and shows how far Odysseus’ determination can travel with an audacious ego to fuel it. Odysseus refuses to trust his crewmates with the fate of the ship because in Odysseus’s eyes, what happens to the ship is what happens to his future since it is the platform that carries him closer to his goal. Letting a shipmate help pull the ropes is an act of mockery to Odysseus's ego because his ego is threatened by misinterpreting help as a sign of weakness. However, Odysseus soon realizes his grave mistake as the goal slips through his hands while at sleep loathing in ignorance. After Odysseus strings his bow and is about to kill the suitors, “Zeus cracked the sky with a bolt [...] and the great man [...] rejoiced” (21.460-21.461). Just as Odysseus is about to kill all the suitors he calls for strength from the most powerful god, Zeus. It is a glorious moment because his fierce ego is no longer present while calling out for help from the gods of the natural world. In response, the bolt that Zeus flings down for Odysseus brings him so much joy because it is Zeus’s acknowledgement of the struggles this man has faced, but more importantly how he has learned from it. While wavering above humanity this lightning bolt echo’s for the world to hear because Zeus reminds society that the enlightenment of one human is the enlightenment for

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