Obstacles On The Road College Success Essay

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Obstacles on the Road to College Success
When thinking about the concept of a college, there are many things that come to mind. Scenes of students triumphantly throwing their graduation caps in the air, or frantically poring over their books during finals week are common associations. However, one important, often overlooked, characteristic of college is its bureaucracy. The higher education system is shrouded in red tape and seemingly arbitrary expectations. The bureaucratic nature of college results in many problems for students, including delayed graduation, the inability to take desired courses, and financial problems.
The first problem with having a bureaucratic college system is it causes some students to have delayed graduations. Reaching this milestone is difficult enough between doing well in school and maintaining one’s life outside of school. However, colleges tack on an extra hardship by making graduation requirements so cryptic. Many schools’ requirements are filled with such a great number of exceptions and caveats that it often leaves the student lost in a sea of course numbers when planning their semesters. Furthermore, these requirements often change without any notice to the affected students. This could result in students believing they are ready for graduation, when, in reality, they are not. All of these changes are usually a result of trying to conform to a third party’s requirements, such as another college or the state. Students can typically find out…

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