Essay on Observation Of A Child 's Development

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Observations allow adults to assess a child’s development and skills in order to plan new experiences and activities, which then enables them to progress and learn new things. David (1999) describes play as ‘an integrating mechanism, drawing on past experiences, making connections, exploring possibilities and making meanings.’ This implies that play is a machine that brings lots of elements together and produces understanding and knowledge for the child. This essay will analyse an observation of a child, Edith (2.5) (see Appendix) and how the play she demonstrates links to her development, as well as, the theories relating to specific areas of development.

During the observation, Edith displays many physical skills such as walking, pulling, pushing and climbing (see Appendix). Physical development may be described as how babies and young children learn to control their bodies, as well as how to look after them. In the Early Years Foundation Stage, physical development is broken down into two aspects, these are: moving and handling, and health and self-care (EYFS, 2012). The EYFS provides a chart of which skills a child should possess at a range of different ages. From this, an adult can decide on next steps for the child and how to continue to encourage learning and development. One skill that Edith demonstrates during the observation is squatting ‘...with steadiness to rest or play with objects on the ground, and rises to feet without using hands.’ This physical skill is…

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