Island Coast High School Classroom Observation

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I had the privilege of observing at Island Coast High School. I was able to go to three different classes. Each class had a very diverse group of students. I observed two “regular” classes and one intensive class. I did, however, see a change in the work ethic of the students as well as different styles of teaching and teacher student relationships. This school is a Title I school. The demographics of the school is very diverse. Approximately 46% of the school is composed of minority groups. This can be broken down to: American Indian/Alaskan Native 0.2%, Asian 1%, Black 11%, Hispanic 32%, and White 54%. About 74% of the students are economically disadvantaged.
My first class was English 3. Upon my arrival to the classroom, the students were
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This class was so well mannered compared to the previous class I observed. I was so impressed. The teacher was very polite and said please, and thank you. Therefore the students responded with the same mannerisms. In this class the students were well behaved. They were doing some vocabulary words and assignments that the teacher posted online. The students worked diligently. Some students did, however, talk but they still continued to do their work. At one point there was a particular group that was chit chatting and not working and the teacher told the students that he is thinking about moving those student because they were not working. Then one of the students made the proposition that if they finished their work, could they stay in their group. The teacher agreed to these terms, and the students actually finished their work. This was the best class I observed out of the three. Not only were the students good, but the teacher was very helpful. He continued to walk around the room, making sure the students didn’t need help. If there were technical problems he would help solve them. The teacher continued to praise the students with such a great job they were doing. This created a positive energy around the room, and is probably the reason behind the level of respect give to students and from students to teacher. The teacher informed me that his classes were not always this way, meaning having them do individual work, however, …show more content…
There is also the idea of respect from both the students and teacher and vice versa. Teachers are not meant to be “friends” with their students. Granted, they can be, but they also can’t allow students to walk all over them, because in the end the teacher is harming the students more by being there friend rather than a teacher. I think it is important to establish relationships with your students and perhaps be a mentor and give guidance, but you also have to teacher the

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