Observable Universe Essay

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The Universe
Some people don 't realize that they are just a tiny spec compared to our Universe. Some don 't really care about what is out there, they just worry about their surroundings and their family, and I understand that. Some astronomers are so interested in space that the don 't really care about how much money they can make. Space is wonderfully interesting in many ways. Some anomalies in our universe are very strange and others defy the laws of physics and gravity, for example dark matter, black holes, and huge stars. Some of the interesting facts about, speed and time, and Earth like planets are so amazing that that you might think they are not true. To understand where we came from or if someone or something is our creator,
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It all depends on pictures and math that our telescopes observe. One of our telescopes is rotating around earth and it could see far away into the universe. Humans don 't know how big the universe is, it’s so large that even our telescopes can’t see the end of it. The appropriate term that astronomers gave the universe is “The Observable Universe”,which is the only part of the universe that we can see so far. Our telescopes are very useful when searching for other planets like ours and different stars in our galaxy and others that are billion of light years away. The hubble telescopes have discovered many solar systems in our galaxy and some have super planets that make the sun look like a child. The hubble telescope have been very helpful to the understanding of the universe and it has showed us how light and other particles travel through space and time and how long it …show more content…
The fastest speed in the universe is the speed of light and theres no other fastest speed in the universe because that would break the laws of physics. Going as fast as light would be a big step for space exploration, for example it would not take 10 or 7 years to get to jupiter it would take seconds to get there, and going to the nearest earth like planet that could hold life would take 50 light years. Going at a speed of light could be amazing because you could actually travel true time, for example in earth time it would take 50 light years to travel to the nearest like earth planet, but for people that are inside the spaceship that are going at light speed, it would take for them 5 minutes to get there. The people that are inside the spaceship are going so fast that the time inside the ship is slow and they don’t even feel time go by and they won 't get old at

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