Fashion Advertisements Effects On Women

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From a young age girls are constantly exposed to fashion advertisements, and in those advertisements they see tall, beautiful, and skinny women, and they strive to be just like those women. The fashion industry has always employed these types of women but has never stopped to consider the affect it can have on young adolescents. In this paper, I will examine how the size of models in advertisements and the content of the advertisements affect how female adolescents go through body surveillance, body dissatisfaction, how males view them, and objectification. With fashion magazines and models constantly presenting themselves as overly thin, young adolescents feel like their bodies are not good enough and it causes body surveillance and body …show more content…
These advertisements teach females to objectify themselves as sex objects, it teaches them that they should be acting like the women in the advertisements to get peoples attention. In an article called “Women as Sex Objects and Victims in Print Advertisements,” written by Julie M Stanklewicz, she has found that “The body positions, facial expressions, and sexual power relationships between men and women that occur in advertising have often been adopted from violet pornography” (Stanklewicz 581). Stanklewicz conducted a study see how much nudity and sexualization there was of women in popular fashion magazines and the results were amazing. She found that over one-half of advertisements with women presented them as sex objects, and of these magazines, the ones made for men had the most nudity. She found that the majority magazines that were made for women that presented women as sexual were made for women or adolescents girls (Stanklewicz 584-585). No wonder adolescent girls act and dress the way that they do, they are taught from a young age that it is acceptable. They learn from these magazines that nudity and dressing proactively is normal, and they think that it is how to get a males …show more content…
The poses and content of fashion magazines and male magazines, with women posing seductively and nearly naked, encourages the male gaze. In the article “My Eyes Are Up Here: The Nature of the Objectifying Gaze Toward Women,” writers Sarah J. Gervais, Arianne M. Holland, and Michael D. Dodd discuss the consequences this has for women. They state that the objectifying gaze causes social physique anxiety, decreased cognitive performance, and self-silencing for U.S. women. In an experiment they conducted, they wanted to study if people focused more on a woman’s face or either sexual body parts depending on whether the woman’s body met the “ideal body shape.” What they found was that people tended to focus more on a woman’s sexual body parts if the met the ideal body type, rather than focusing on a woman’s face. They also found that women with larger breast size were more likely to be gazed upon their chest rather than their face. This can expected when in fashion magazines there is so much emphasis placed on a woman’s sexualized parts. It can also be expected because of popular men’s magazines, such as playboy, which are completely centered around naked women. Women can be expected to be gazed upon and looked at as sexual objects because that is what fashion and magazines teach society to

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