Essay on Obesity : Obesity, Hypertension, And Smoking

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Million Hearts Campaign
Obesity, hypertension, physical inactivity, and cigarette smoking are some of the risk factors that lead to heart disease and stroke which are considered to be “two of the leading cause of death in the United States” (CDC). According to the CDC, “2,200 Americans died every day” from heart disease and stroke, this situation becomes so prevalent that many health organizations decide to take part in the Million Hearts campaign which has for ultimate goal “to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes by 2017” (CDC). This campaign focuses on finding ways to decrease the occurrence of heart attacks and stroke among the high-risk population, African American and Hispanics, by facilitating access to healthcare, disease management and educating the community about the importance of staying healthy. For the Million Hearts campaign to be effective, the collaboration of all the major organizations is needed. Additionally, it is important for health care professionals and the population to stay informed about the risks factors leading to heart complications (CDC).
Collaboration is defined by Stanhope M and Lancaster J. as the action to “Commits two or more persons or organizations to achieve a common goal through enhancing the capacity of one or more of the members to promote and protect health” (p. 206). The Million Hearts campaign does not only involves many organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department…

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