Obesity : Obesity As A Disease Essay

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There is no doubt that obesity is a major concern in America, but some people are actually benefiting from carrying the extra pounds. Gunderman states, “It would be as false to say that everyone who is obese is sick as to say that every normal-weight person is well” (theatlantic.com). Many people who have normal weight on average are unhealthy, and people who are obese do not get sick. Basically, one cannot tell from people’s weights what lies ahead for them in life (prevention.com). According to many epidemiological studies, research has shown that people who have normal weight have a higher risk of certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease (Gunderman). There are also health conditions that actually benefit people who are overweight. For instance, people who weight more than an average person are “less likely to develop osteoporosis than thin women” (Gunderman). Despite the negative consequences of obesity, the AMA should think twice before labeling obesity as a disease because some people may actually benefit from it.
At the same time, some people might claim that it is difficult to eat a balanced diet due to the fact that healthy food is expensive. As a result, poor family could not afford to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the market, so they had to find an alternative solution to eat fast food and processed food. As a consequence, these unhealthy foods can lead to different health problems, overweight, and obesity. On the contrary, there are different ways…

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