Obesity Is A Fast Growing Problem Essay

1233 Words May 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Obesity is a fast growing problem in the world today. Younger people need to realize that being obese can affect your life in many different ways. It can affect the way you do things in your life. Here are some ways to avoid becoming something that you don’t want to be.
Obesity is a fast growing health epidemic in the United States. Things need to change to stop obesity. One of the ways that can be changed is the price of healthy foods. The price of healthy foods needs to be more affordable. If healthy foods were cheaper for the average person to buy they would be more apt to buy it then to spend money on the fatty foods. Restaurants need to raise prices on the not so healthy foods. That way people will think twice before spending the extra amount of money on the foods that are not healthy.
Also these companies need to stop advertising these big greasy, non-healthy meals and start promoting some healthy foods. Make these healthy foods more attracting to the human eye. There used to be lots of people in the fields working around vegetables, so it was more common, more attractive for workers to eat lots of vegetables instead of going to the local fast food restaurant. The whole nation needs to be healthier as a whole. We just need these fast food places to do is hang up posters with a salad instead of a large greasy meal. As a nation we need to make smaller portions at these fast food restaurant. Lets get rid of the large fries and large drinks. If these large items are…

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