Essay about Obesity Has Become A Nationwide Health Problem

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There is an epidemic going around since the ‘50s that has taken this country by storm. It is responsible for attributing to 300,000 deaths in 2009. Since 1985, it has doubled in adults, and tripled in adolescents. What is this epidemic? In 2001 the surgeon general announced that obesity has become a nationwide health problem. Approximately one-third of Americans, about 72 million, are considered to be obese (CDC). So, American’s know that obesity can lead to death and other health problems, but they continue to eat and not exercise; therefore, Americans are killing themselves through obesity. Even after being told by medical professionals that they are overweight and need to lose weight, for many, there are too many pounds to lose so why try. By eating poorly and not exercising, Americans are committing suicide; and by enabling their habits, we are assisting in their suicide. Merriam-Webster defines suicide as the act or an instance of taking own life voluntarily and intentionally especially by person of years of discretion and of sound mind. So if those behaviors that lead to obesity can cause someone to die, then that means obesity is that “act” that someone, by years of discretion and of sound mind, intentionally and voluntarily does to cause their own death. This means that obesity is a suicidal act. According to the CDC, the number one cause of death in all Americans is disease of the heart. Obesity was determined to make high blood pressure twice as…

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