Obesity : Causes And Effects Essay

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Obesity has been long researched as a risk factor for multiple types of cancer, cancer-related death, and deaths associated with co-morbidities. Endometrial cancer, also known as cancer of the uterine lining, is the 4th most common cancer diagnosed in women. In regards to endometrial cancer, obesity is believed to be a cause due to the abnormal hormonal increases of estrogen and insulin, and low progesterone levels. In the United States, numerous factors contribute to the cause of obesity, and these preventive measures can decrease the risk of the hormonal balance, which can cause cancer of the uterus.

Throughout the Nursing-201 curriculum of learning on endocrine disorders, cardiac disorders, and women’s health, I found that a common denominator of several comorbidities were a high BMI, and obesity. Considering the fact that obesity rates in our country is climbing at a rapid rate, and has been officially recognized as a disease in June 2013 by the American Medical Association, it’s an ongoing issue due to the clashing viewpoints. One side can perceive that it is simply due to the result of eating much and exercising less. The opposing side can say that people do not have full control over their weight, because it fits the medical definition of disease; it impairs normal daily living, decreases life expectancy and can be caused by genetics. Regardless of the viewpoint, it’s been proven that moderate physical activity, improved eating habits, and having a lower BMI is…

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