Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity Essay

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Obesity in America
As the years go on, the rate of obesity has continued to increase. Obesity is a problem in America that accounts for more than one-fifth of adults (Borrell and Samuel, pg. 514). Obesity can cause serious health problems, which can lead to respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease and early mortality (Ashraf et al., 2011). Everyday people lose their lives due to obesity. The reason obesity has continued to increase is due to lack of exercise, too much time watching TV or playing videogames, and poor eating habits. In our society today most people would rather eat McDonalds and playing video games/watch TV than eat a healthy meal and engage in a physical activity. In order for obesity rates to decrease parents need to be responsible for giving children healthy food, controlling what children eat, restricting the time they spend playing video games/watching TV, and encourage them to exercise regularly.
With technology increasingly advancing, things have gradually changed and are not how they used to be before. When I was a child I loved going outside to play with my friends. When my friends and I played we usually played sports, so we were always active. Nowadays with technology being so advanced, all children want to do is spend time playing on their electronic devices or playing TV. Sitting on the couch playing video games or watching TV is not going to benefit children at all; on the other hand, it makes them lazy and/or obese. According to Hussey,…

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