Essay about Obesity And Its Associated Health Problems

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Obesity and its associated health problems are growing risk for people in the UK.Suggest and evaluate different solutions for reducing these problems.

In the Britain ,obesity has become a serious problem. Obesity rates have increased every year as of last 25 years. As the data by WIKIPEDIA(Aug 2014)that in this last 25 years ,adult obesity rates have nearly fourfold increased and with 23.1% of British people obese since 2012.It means this is a problem for many British people.Also obesity will bring many health problems such as diabetes,heart disease,and high blood pressure which can cause serious problems,even death.This essay will suggest and evaluate different solutions to this problems.

Doing more exercise in the daily life is one of the most effective solution for obesity because it can strong your body and improve your health.Exercise is the miracle treasure we were always had.Especially to the obesity,always doing exercise helps lose weight and strong your body.As it said before,Obesity can bring many disease,but doing exercise can prevent most of disease or reduce the prevalence rates. According to Stacy.S(Jan 2012) Because of the superfluous calories are store as fat in peoples body and can not be digest or discharge from the body,and the individual become obesity .The benefit of regular exercise can help the individual body burn the fat,in other words exercise can make you keep fit and keep your body health balance.A regular exercise is helpful for decrease or…

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