Analysis Of Should Obesity Be A Disease? By Hoyt And Burnette

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Obesity is often elucidated as excessive body fat. Millions of Americans suffer from obesity at a young age or in adulthood. However, obesity is treatable and can be self-diagnosed, whether it lasts for multiple years or be lifelong. The article “Should Obesity Be a ‘Disease?”, by Crystal L. Hoyt and Jeni L. Burnette, is about the “multi-metabolic and hormonal disease” obesity. Hoyt’s and Burnette’s main points within the article are directed towards agreeing with the topic that obesity should indeed be labeled as a disease. A few points discussed in the article were positive outcomes of people who viewed obesity more than a “label” as that she received when surveying a group of people, obese and not obese. The outcomes of this whether the labeling of obesity as a disease was viewed negatively or positively, were exceptionally crucial to supporting their claim. However, Hoyt and Burnette quickly counter against their positive argument regarding about the survey, with a negative one, stating that though there were encouraging results, there was a negative psychological outcome. Both authors organize the article by commencing with a few statistical facts and presents evidence from a collaboration with a colleague from the University of Minnesota. Overall, they …show more content…
Though there are positive and negative outcomes, obesity should be considered as a disease if it can be treatable. Let alone, both authors provide a persuasive thesis with supportive data and statistics that formally educates the reader on the more positive view of their article. Regardless of the negative consequences mentioned in the article from a collaboration with a colleague, Hoyt and Burnette present a strong responsive article and an argument that, expectantly, would convince the reader to support her

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