Ob Case Study

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Job Skills in the Workplace
Positive attitude
Decision making
Problem solving

Organizational behavior (OB) aims to study how individual behavior impact on other human beings in the organization setting. It shows the interface between organizational settings and the interface between the organization and human behavior. The major areas of study in OB may include increasing job satisfaction, encouraging leadership, promoting innovation and improving job performance. In this paper, my aim is to look into the relationship between OB and improvement of job performance through various job skills (Robbins, 2011).
The personality of various members of a group in an organization plays a major role
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With good decision making, people share information that would enhance better results in an organization. If a group in an organization made a decision, the judgment would be finer and keenly achieved since each member is actively involved (Hiriyappa, 2009). Good decision-making ability enhances better problem-solving technique. Armed with this fact, an organization should invest more in better decision making so as to make sure that all the problems encountered are diligently dealt …show more content…
Most of the people assume that only executive decision matter but this is not the matter. The decisions made by each member have an overall impact on the lives of other employees and also change the direction of organization course. There are various kinds of decision-making ranging from program versus automatic decisions and programmed versus nonprogrammed decision. Each of this decision process is helpful in problem-solving depending on circumstances faced. In solving problems, it takes a three face approach. The first step is to define the problem, then identify the possible causes of the problem using a different kind of OB concepts. The last step is making a recommendation and course of action. In order to achieve the last step make sure that the problem is accurately defined. (Hiriyappa,2009)
Unethical behaviors in the work place can be defined as any behavior that does not kowtow with the set standard of behavior in an organization. These behaviors may have personal consequences and as well as consequences on the business. Those individual who are involved in unethical behaviors have high chances of losing their jobs. The trustworthy individuals at the organization have little say about the unethical workers thus causing an atmosphere full of mistrust. This would cause loss of goodwill to the organization and in the end loss of a great deal of money (Giacalone,

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