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INTRODUCTION Leadership is defined as an ability to influence a group toward the achievement of goal. By this definition, we can see a lot of models, theories and issues were developed or arise. Thus, our group was given a case to solve it by relate the case with the models, theories and issues that might be similar to the case that given to us. Briefly I will summaries about the case that we have received; this case was talking about 3M CEO which is George Buckley that developing a new leadership model for the company under 3M’s leadership program development. This program is so effective that in 2010 and it was number there on the list of BusinessWeek’s Top 20 Companies for Leadership. This new leadership model was cover six …show more content…
3M’s leadership agree with this attribute was essential for the company to become skilled execution known for accountability.
From this six attributes, we can relate it to the earliest model and theories that similar to this theories. We can relate it to contingency theory such as Path-Goal theories; in Path-Goal theories, we have four style of leader behavior that is:

1. Directive * Let’s follower know what is expected of them, schedule work to be done, and gives specific and clear guidance as to how to accomplish the job. 2. Supportive * Friendly and show concern and needs of follower, approachable, and show a respect toward follower. 3. Participative * Consult with follower and use their suggestion before making any decision. 4. Achievement-oriented * Sets the challenging goals and expects follower to perform at the highest level.
For example, chart the course means to create a clear vision and goal for the whole team. As a leader, they must be a skill in order to pursuit or make a further decision toward objective of organization. Besides that, they must know how to set the goal and objective consistence and can give a highest benefit toward organization. We can relate it to Achievement-oriented because leader will set the challenging goals toward follower to make sure that follower consistence with the objective of the organization.
Second, energize and inspire others is

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