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Journal of Business Cases and Applications

Bella’s: a case study in organizational behavior study
Bobby Medlin University of Arkansas Fort Smith ABSTRACT The primary subject matter of this case involves the job satisfaction and employee ct engagement of a company’s workforce. The case depicts a new general manager’s concern that the constructs listed above have reached such low levels that critical organizational outcomes are being negatively impacted. The case also involves a career planning decision made by the principal character in the case. It is designed to be taught in one class hour and is expected to take approximately three hours of student preparation time. Students are provided with a management scenario describing a
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The company lost money last year for the first time since its initial year of operation. The management of Bella’s considers the firm to be a one one-of-a-kind establishment kind serving a wide segment of the population The success and growth of Bella’s has far exceeded population. all Illa Fitzgerald’s (the founder and owner of the business) original expectations. COMPANY HISTORY The company was founded twelve years ago by Illa Fitzgerald, a former beautician/massage therapist who had worked in the salon industry since finishing cosmetology ho school at age 21. She used an SBA loan, investment dollars from five family members, and her personal life savings to fulfill her dream owning her own spa/salon. Her vision was to create a dream—owning unique company that offered a complete array of products and services aimed at creating and nique maintaining healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. Bella’s is now more than a decade old, and Illa takes great pride in knowing that her company has come very close to completely fulfilling her vision.

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Journal of Business Cases and Applications Illa fully recognized from the very beginning that her business/managerial experience was very limited. She was also fully aware that managing the day to day operations of her business had very limited appeal to her anyway. Therefore, her first critical decision was made anyway. three months

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