Nutcracker Case Plan

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I. Management Team Members and Competencies

The management team of Nutcracker is composed of four members:

Richard Steven Chiong is a third-year student at the University of Santo Tomas currently taking BS Entrepreneurship. He speaks English, Filipino, Chavacano, Fukien, basic Mandarin and a little bit of Bisaya. He is a responsible individual who makes sure that the tasks given to him are attended with the best his ability. Richard is also an organized person who practices good time management. Apart from these, he also sees himself as a fast-learner and highly adaptable to different kind of situations. He is also an effective team-player and always has the heart of willing to learn. His hobbies include watching television
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Training and Development

Before hired employees will officially report for work, there will be orientation as to the proper way of doing their job. Included in the orientation will be the proper uniform policies and other decorum.

We would also assess if they are doing their jobs properly and orderly. We will provide the necessary training for our kitchen staff so they can operate the food processor properly. She must be willing to learn must be a fast learner because the food processor is a very delicate equipment. It is by far the most important material in the kitchen and the kitchen staff must be able to handle it with utmost care. This is why we will provide training before the start of the job.

The continuous development of our company is also through the help of our employees. Nutcracker will provide different more activities that will increase our employees’ experiences and the knowledge they would need. By doing different kinds activities not only will our employees benefit but also nutcracker will benefit from these.

Year 1 (Food Technologist and Assistant Manager for Operations)
One day Orientation:
Introduction of current employees in the organization (superiors to report
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The employees will also be given just wage. All the overtime and holiday pay will also be part of their monthly salary. It will all be given on time. We will also acknowledge exemplary work ethics. As long as we see passion, hard work, and dedication, we will give to them recognition that they deserve.

If the kitchen helper is seen with exceptional skill in doing her job, the management can promote her to supervise the other employees when the organization will recruit more employees in the next years.

If the management sees potential in one employee to do certain things expected of one employee, it can give them opportunity to speak out. This may give innovative ideas that can help in the improvement of management processes and even for the product itself. Every member of the organization will also be asked to speak their thoughts regarding the organization. This can be a window for opportunity for both parties.

Part of the values that the organization wants is the presence of harmony among its members. All ideas, suggestions, and comments must be properly expressed. Everybody is encouraged to contribute ideas to make the product better.

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