Star Service Analysis

Star Service
My past host parents from when I was an exchange student invited me to a restaurant called Square 1 Burger and Bar. They opened about two weeks ago in downtown Winter Park. Usually new restaurants are disorganized, employees have no idea what they are supposed to do, and the managers are frequently unsure of their business structures as well. I was not expecting too much, but since it was a restaurant a friend of my host parents recommended I was hoping for a good experience. From outside the restaurant looked very clean, pretty, and welcoming. When we walked inside it was surprising. Compared to other burger places I have been, this one had an ambiance and the staff was so well trained and helpful. At the entrance a hostess welcomed us and accompanied us to our table. We did not have to wait even a minute and our server was already there asking for our drink orders. He was well trained and educated on every aspect of the menu. He was able to explain all the ingredients of every dish, give us an examples to
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In this excellent service encounter my server had excellent role clarity. He knew exactly what his job was, what in entailed and he executed it perfectly. It seemed like all the workers of the restaurant had that role clarity as well, because things were going very quickly and they were very busy for a Thursday night. I did not see any customer leave without a smile on their face.
Have Role Harmony or Role peace not role conflict. I have to say at Square 1 Burger and Bar the Role harmony was just outstanding. Everyone knew exactly what their jobs were and they were not trying to take other’s tasks or ignore customers when they had requests and their servers were not available. From the hostesses to the managers everyone worked in harmony ensuring a smooth and successful

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