Broward Health's Code Of Ethics Case Study

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Broward Health’s Code of Conduct and its Ethical Principles
As future nurses, nursing students should know what their professions will entail of. One of the greatest tools that students can use to do so is the American Nurse’s Association’s Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics gives students a foundation as to what is ethical and unethical in the practice. This will be explained further with provisions that are often thought to be the most important. Some of the most important provisions are treating patients with compassion and respect, maintaining confidentiality, and taking care of oneself as well as their patients.
Provision 1: Practicing With Respect
It is no secret that in order to get respect one must respect others. Respecting your patient and his or her wishes helps build a relationship with them (ANA, 2015). Building a relationship with patients helps the nurse to provide patient-centered care. Broward Health Medical Center’s (BHMC, 2015) code of conduct states, “We treat all patients with respect and dignity and provide care that is both necessary and appropriate,” (p. 10). Having a strong patient-nurse relationship allows the patient to have the best experience possible. This also allows nurses to get to know their patients and get his or her input on what kind of care they want.
Patients have the right to
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In nursing, it is imperative to understand and follow the ethical principles of nursing, such as respecting patient rights, maintaining confidentiality, and caring for oneself. As nursing students and nurses, one should always practice with these provisions. Although at times it may be difficult, following these principles will prevent legal and ethical repercussions. As once stated by Florence Nightingale “Nursing is an art: and if it is to be made an art, it requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation, as any painter’s or sculptor’s work,” (as stated by BHMC, 2015, p.

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