Nursing as an Art and Science Essay

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Topic: The Art and Science of Nursing



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This paper seeks to explore Nursing practice in an attempt to demonstrate the change in perspective of the practice over the years from a traditional view to a more contemporary and realistic view. It will seek to achieve this by performing a literature review of two articles that not only talk but also define and distinguish nursing as both an art and a science and explore a nurses’ experience of being in patient/nurse interactions.
Data used in the literature review was gathered through a random sampling of twenty-eight sophomore students, who were at the first year of learning nursing clinical experience with patients. The literature reviewed
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However, ever since the perception that nursing as an art is created through the interaction of the patient and the nurse gained widespread support, it was thought that such teaching methods do not permit students to accurately learn the nursing as an art or science. Hence the added support for a more practical learning experience of the art through actual interaction between the nurses and the patients, thereby giving the nurses the true nursing experience.
Nursing as an art calls for great interpersonal skills, an ability for the nurse to well connect with the patients and sharpened interaction between the nurse and both the patient and at times the family of the patient. A nurse is expected to help his patients not only understand how to manage the diseases but also teach the patients family basic home care procedures after their treatment.
Nursing as a science requires not only the acquisition of skills, but also of the required knowledge to help a nurse develop the confidence needed in dealing with the different patients’ every day. Further, a nurse has to master the skills of effective interaction with their patients, becoming self-aware and not only connecting with knowledge, but also connecting with the patient.
Nursing as a science by nature is fact-oriented, and hence, nurses are always highly knowledgeable. Nursing profession requires the dispensations of skills and lessons learnt not only through the classroom experience but also through

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