Essay on Nursing Theory Of Transcultural Nursing

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Providing holistic and culturally sensitive care is a basic responsibility of the nurse. In today 's society nurses provide health care to culturally diverse client populations in a variety of settings and places. Providing care to culturally diverse populations has become a challenge for nurses. It is important for nurses to understand the concept of transcultural nursing. Madeleine M. Leininger 's theory of Transcultural Nursing deals with nursing and the culture of the patients. The concept of transcultural nursing is applicable in various nursing fields because nurses are adapting to new patient 's cultures with different environments, having interactions with people in various locations. Culture Care Theory is directed toward a patient’s culture. Madeleine Leininger had a vision “That by 2020 all nurses and nursing will become a transcultural discipline” (Fawcett, 2002, p. 135). The purpose of this research paper is to explain the Transcultural Theory of Nursing.

The Nursing Theory of Leininger: Transcultural Nursing

Madeleine Leininger is the founder and a central leader of transcultural nursing who focused on the systematic study of human caring within a transcultural theoretical and practice perspective ( Fawet, 2002). The central thesis of the theory is that "different cultures perceive, know, and practice care in different ways" ( Leninger, 2002). A nurse needs to look at the patient as one unit, taking into account the patient 's spiritual and…

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