Nursing Shortages : Nursing Shortage Essay

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Nursing Shortages

From the beginning of history, nurses have been short staffed worldwide. The first shortage we saw was in the 1980’s, but just because in that time they needed any nurse to hire. Presently speaking, nursing has never been at such a declined steep in years since now. The reason is though that it 's not any old nurses we can hire, that 's the difference in time. We are looking for nurses who have the skill and ability to provide. We need specialized nurses who can demonstrate performance in units such as intensive care unit, pediatric intensive unit, emergency room, labor. There are many underlying causes for these circumstances that include baby boomers year, the decline in nursing programs, the age retirement, and the growing amount in the job market, that all seemed to hit at the same time as we needed staff the most. But what is going to happen in the years to come? Where will the nursing enrollment be? Due to the job market expanding rapidly, nurses are in high demand nationwide. Nursing is not only needed in certain specialties, but also needed just all around. It is considered a supply and demand that is becoming very serious with the economy growing. There are major reasons as to why the nursing shortage is increasing each year. Declining enrollments in people going into the degree, the baby boom, where one generation increases and another one decreases, making it hard to find good candidates for the profession, and an aging workforce, where…

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