Nursing Shortages : A Negative Impact On Nursing Essay

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Impact of Nursing Shortages
Nursing shortages have a negative impact on nursing (Heller, Oros, & Durney-Crowley, n.d.). Nursing shortages are present in clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes based on the supply of new nurses compared to the available nursing positions (Heller, Oros, & Durney-Crowley, n.d.). In this paper, I will talk about the history of nursing shortages, the global impact nursing shortages have on the profession of nursing, and the personal impact nursing shortages will have on me as a graduate nurse.
History of Nursing Shortages
The history of nursing shortages in the United States began around 1873 (Egenes, 2012). The first shortage occurred when the supply of wealthy students disappeared, and the field shifted to recruiting lower middle class and rural individuals as replacements (Egenes, 2012). The nursing shortage continued throughout the 1900s and into the present (Egenes, 2012). For instance, the nursing shortage arose from women being given career opportunities in other lines of work outside of nursing (Egenes, 2012). Many job opportunities required less education than nursing (Egenes, 2012). Furthermore, other fields provided better pay and retirement pensions, unlike nursing (Egenes, 2012). Other reasons for the nursing shortage occurring today are from the baby boomer nurses starting to retire, the expansion of career opportunities for women, and the view of nursing as a trade rather than a career (Heller, Oros, & Durney-Crowley,…

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