Nursing Shortage In Healthcare

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Healthcare will always be a growing phenomenon that will only be more in demand over time. Periods of high vacancy rates for RNs in hospitals have come and gone, but the current shortage is different. According to a 2002 report by the workforce commission of the American Hospital Association, the nursing shortage "reflects fundamental changes in population demographics, career expectations, work attitudes and worker dissatisfaction. In fact, the present situation may well continue over the next two decades. A Federal Government study predicts that hospital nursing vacancies will reach 800,000, or 29 percent, by 2020. The numbers of nurses is expected to grow by only 6 percent by 2020, while demand for nursing care is expected to grow by 40 …show more content…
There are images of striking nurses and headlines of layoffs and downsizing because of managed care. There are stories of nursing errors that have injured or killed patients, most recently in the Chicago Tribune (Berens, 2000a, 2000b, 2000c). These varied and conflicting images result in nursing appearing as an unstable, unpredictable and high-risk career. So another option a for a solution is that nurses must become more of a voice in the press and on their units. With every article about the shortage of nurses, positive letters to the editor acknowledging the challenges of nursing and recognizing the rewards are needed. Negative, complaining letters perpetuate the image that nursing is not a good career choice. They are the critics on the outside looking in, without getting the true facts on the behind the scenes hardship the nursing staff community faces day to day.
Nursing will continue to be a growing field because of the high demand of individuals needing healthcare professional help. But in order to take care of these different type of people with a varies of health related issues, the staff needs to be taking care of physically, emotionally, mentally and financially in order for all parties to be

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