Nursing Roles and Value Task 1 Essay

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Nursing Roles and Value
Western Governors University
Nursing Roles and Value
Competency 724.7.1 Ethical Leadership Competency 724.7.2 Continuing Competency in Nursing
Marisha Grimley Course Mentor
March 04, 2012
Nursing Roles and Value The purpose of this paper is to evaluate a case study addressing ethical leadership, analyzing application of standardized code of ethics on nursing practice, and discussing issues in safety for quality patient care. This paper will support the importance of confidentiality when discussing protected patient information. In addition, the need for continuing education and training for nursing through identification of Federal and State regulations as applied to nursing practice will be
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16). The impact on a professional decision, according to provision 3, would be that the nurse should have provided a private place for the doctor to discuss the case with the family member. Furthermore, the nurse cannot breach the fiduciary duty of confidentiality by allowing the provider to speak with a family member that was not part of the power of attorney. As well, the nurse has to remember that it is a breach of confidentiality and trust when she speaks with others, such as colleagues in a cafeteria that are not involved with the patient’s care. The ethical implications caused by placing Mr. E on a respirator were that the patient’s right of deciding his own path of treatment was violated. The patient Bill of Rights (Roux & Halstead, 2009) allows the patient to refuse medical treatment. Like every individual, Mr. E. has the power of controlling the type of care given to him, along with having control to make decisions that influence self without interference of others. Mr. E, through narrative ethics, had set his healthcare decision precedents. He had made his wishes known by signing an AD. Once Mr. E was intubated further ethical considerations will surface because he may be ventilator dependent or he may die from ventilator induced complications. These possibilities would be avoided by adhering to his original AD. In order to give ethical consideration to

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