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Family Values Paper
Cynthia Dulaney Rucker
NUR/542 Version 2
April 2, 2012
Melinda Church

Family Values Paper Family Values Family is a term that is defined by each family member in different ways, it is based on someone’s personal belief, expectation, and experiences. The family role in the health care setting can vary based on the patient’s condition. In the dialsysis unit the families play a large role especially, for those individuals whom lose his or her ability to provide self-care and make self-care decisions. As a health care provider it is important to understand and remember that even though every day realities of families such as emotions, attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs are essential in the study of
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According to a study completed by Caroline Williams; the family plays a larger role than providing information about the individual; including emotional support to the patient, and a positive psychological effect (Insel & Roth, 2008).
In the situation which a family members health is compromised to the level that they need to be in on dialysis, not only does the family need to come together to serve as a support for the patient, but also a support for one another. As health care providers one must serve a role in this process as well. The dialysis patient must have the ability to be as independent as possible, but they also must have the support of their family members.
Family Nursing Theory Orem’s Self Care Model of Nursing involves the understanding that patients not only have the ability, but also the right, and responsibility to care for themselves (Clark, 1986). One believes that Orem’s model is important in the dialysis setting, often-times we rely too heavily on the families and support personnel, and forget to rely on the theoretical framework to encourage and guide the individual to provide self-care and make self-care decisions (Orem,
2001). When an individual is cannot provide self-care, as often is the case in the dialysis setting it is important for the family to approach oneself needs as a system. One

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