Nursing: My Strengths Of Being A Nurse

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Register to read the introduction… Being a nurse means first and foremost doing what is right for the patient at all times. Being my patient’s advocate is the most important job I have. If I am not willing to speak up for my patient, especially when they cannot, I am not doing the job I was hired for or living up to the oath I took as a nurse. Speaking up sometimes is difficult especially when you have a differing opinion than other nurses or even the attending physician. I have never liked confrontation. I will avoid it like I would the plague if possible. Diplomacy is such a useful tool, but this has been hard for me throughout my life. Many times I open my mouth before I engage my brain. Over the years, I have worked diligently to rephrase questions and sentences but it takes great effort. These are two of my greatest weaknesses and I struggle every day to overcome and control them. While this is a weakness, in some way it is also a strength. I am blunt and direct. You will always know where I stand, whether it’s with you or against you. I try with every word that passes my lips to be calm and not offend people, but many times, there is no way around it. The important thing is to not make people feel as if they are being personally …show more content…
Re-entering college at 50 years old takes many changes from many people. I knew that I couldn’t stay in the stressful area of trauma nursing and takes classes. I also knew that working rotating shifts and weekends would make it increasingly hard to complete assignments and still have time to spend with my family. My daughter is away at her first year of college. Not having to accommodate her routine alleviates pressure for me. I was able to leave the STICU and come work in the PACU. The work is challenging at times, but more manageable and certainly with less stress. Also, an unfortunate situation in the PACU for someone else allowed me to obtain a permanent weekday nightshift position. I have my weekends free to visit my daughter, do homework, spend time with my husband and keep up the house. My husband works part time and is out of the house frequently during the day. This allows me to have quiet time and complete my studies. When I went back to school 10 years ago, I was able to quit my job and attend full time. I focused on only two things – family and school. Unable to do this again, I knew it would take me longer to complete my degree. Initially I thought I’d be able to take two classes per semester and complete the program in two years. When this semester started, I found that to be too much. Now my goal is to complete the program in three years. If I feel able to increase my classes per semester, I will do so and finish

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