Nursing Leadership : The Backbone Of Nursing Profession Essay

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1. How are nurses leaders in health care? Leadership is the backbone of nursing profession. So, it is very important for every nurse to possess the leadership quality. “Leadership plays a pivotal role in the lives of nurses. It is an essential element for quality professional practice environment where nurses can provide quality nursing care” (Canadian Nurse Association, 2014). In clinical practice, it is common for nurses to perform leadership roles. For example, in most of the long term care facilities, it is usual to see an LPN as a team leader. They demonstrate ability to assign client care to the nursing team based on: client needs, level of care required, level of support available, education of team members, competence of team members, and job description of team members. They also demonstrate ability to supervise the nursing team and assist as required to ensure safe, quality nursing care is delivered ( Moreover, they demonstrate ability to provide leadership in the revision of goals, priorities, and nursing intervention. Furthermore, they demonstrate ability to manage time productively and utilize resources effectively in the team leader role. They also demonstrate ability to communicate effectively with other health team members effectively. In acute care clinical settings, they demonstrate ability to teach and mentor fellow LPNs, students, and others (…

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