Nursing Informatics Article Review Essay

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Article Review Number Two
NRSG 115
October, 31, 2012

Article Review Number Two
This article briefly summarizes informatics providing definitions for confusing terminology and what it means for the nursing profession. Nursing informatics is described as the union of nursing science, computer science, and information science. As advances in technology continue, nursing informatics increasingly plays a larger role in patient care and nursing practice (Manal, Shaben, & Allen, 2012). By encouraging proficiency in informatics, the authors believe that nurses can improve their knowledge base and confidence in their practice. This competency can lead to a higher quality of care and a safer work environment in the nursing profession
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Since it is such a quick and generalized overview, I believe it is as relevant as it was 6 months ago. This article was geared towards registered nurses, particularly those that work in Canada. I also believe that this article is applicable to anyone in the nursing profession. I do think that this information is relevant to me as a student. It is a very simple article that presents to the reader a brief description of informatics in language I understand. This information provides me insight into the importance and impact that the evolving world of technology has on nursing.
The authors quote a professional opinion from one reference and cite references throughout the text to support their conclusions. The first section of the article defines health informatics and terminology related to literacy. All the definitions and facts are cited and referenced. The second half of the article provides an expert opinion as to why informatics is important to nursing.
This article uses eight references. Four of the references were published within the past 6 years and the other half dates back from 1996-2003. I do consider this bibliography useful because this article is such a brief overview of informatics and I would like to learn more. I realize how important informatics is to nursing practice and the reference list provides great resources to expand my knowledge on the

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