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Developing an Advocacy Campaign for Diabetes
Emmanuel Besong
Walden University
Policy & Advocacy for Population Health
Nursing 6050N
DR. Trudy Tappan
March 27, 2016


Population health is defined as the health outcomes and its distribution in a community. Population health includes policies and interventions that affect health outcomes. Diabetes is a population health issue. Data is used to trend diabetes outcome of the diabetic population (, 2013).
According to CDC (2014), 9.3% of the population of the United States of America live with diabetes. This percentage amount to 29.1 million people diagnosed or undiagnosed with diabetes. Each year approximately 200000 deaths occur in the United States of
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As a racial group that is too high. Furthermore, The National Institute of Health reports that environmental factors and genes play a role in developing Type 2 diabetes. According to the CDC (2014) the total cost of diabetes to the healthcare system was 245 billion dollars.
Healthy People 2020 is the nation’s health agenda for improving the health of all Americans. It monitors how far diabetes objectives have been achieved within the last decade. One of the diabetes objective is to reduce diabetes and cost of the disease and to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes (CDC, 2014). Public health professionals, state health departments, and communities can use above data to concentrate their efforts of diabetes control and prevention on areas of utmost need. CDC (2014) noted 9.6 percent of people with diabetes live in Georgia. The purpose of this paper is to examine two current policies aimed at addressing this public health concern of diabetes and to develop a campaign that will aid in the control and prevention diabetes in the African American community. Two advocacy campaigns with their objectives and effectiveness will be reviewed and summarized. Furthermore, a new advocacy campaign will be proposed with objectives.
Summary of Two Advocacy Campaign Practicing preventive has been shown to be an effective tool in controlling and preventing diabetes. According to

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