Essay on Nurses : Nurses Needed The Narrator

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In the PBS film, Nurses Needed the narrator focuses on two contributing factors as to why there is a nursing shortage in America. In the opening of the film, we are introduced to a patient who is hooked-up to all these tubes as her nurse stands by her side. The narrator tells us that none of it matters without a nurse being there. It shows the viewer just how important a nurse job is and why it is important to fill the void that profession is being faced with.
In the beginning of the film, we are introduced to Megan a nurse who is walking briskly around the unit, taking call, getting vitals, and calling out order. This is the reality the true reality of what it means to be a nurse. High energy, high stress work environment that requires you to make quick and life saving decisions. The documentary, notes that this career isn 't for the "faint hearted" and this is true. This may be the reason way they noted that 25% of first year nurses drop out. They have no idea what it really takes to be a nurse. You have to put your safety first, but your needs last in so many scenarios. The shortage is causing nurses to be overworked with high patient loads with minimal help. In the film, you watch Meghan retreat in the clean supply room as if she was looking for something, but it appears she just needed a moment to breath. You have to be able to stomach some of the most gruesome sights while staying calm and being reassuring. You are constantly being faced with death, no matter how hard…

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