Nurse Workload In Nursing

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Workload is the amount of work someone or something has to perform. Nurses have to get a certain amount of time to get their work done. Nonetheless, what would happen if nurses have a heavy workload and do not have the necessary time to perform it? It will be a total disaster because nurses would not perform well in their work. Nurses all over the world have too big of a workload. Lack of sufficient professional preparation and imbalance on their tasks increases the workload, and nurses, patients, the organizations they work for, and the nurse-patient interaction are affected by the high workload. Therefore, high workload needs to be decreased.
Nurses have too much workload. A study shows, “About 90% of nurses dealt with more administrative
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Richards argues that busyness is keeping away nurse leaders to do significant things in their lives. She asserts, “Sadly, busyness keeps nurse leaders from more worthwhile and important things in their lives such as authentic, vulnerable relationships” (1). I disagree with this idea because what it is really affecting nurses is the high workload. Before the workload was increased, nurses had time to spend with their loved ones, go out, and some of them even had time to do certain activities on weekends. Nurses did not complain about not having enough time. They knew how to manage time and tasks were balanced. They found time to do important things. Nevertheless, now things have changed. The workload is increasing, and nurses are doing things they are not supposed to do such as being cleaners, clerks, receptionists etc. This is not allowing nurses to find enough time to spend for themselves. In addition, the author argues, “However, if we have BD, we don’t use time saving technologies to actually save time, we use them to create more work, which allows us to be easier” (Richards 1). If we have busyness disease (BD), time saving technologies such as computers, make us busier and this does not save time. Nurses want to have more time. Trying to save time does not work when you have to take care of a lot of patients, which means you must write a lot of reports. It does not matter if you have a super computer that can save time for you. If the nursing workload still increasing there is nothing we can

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