4 Domains Of Communication In Nursing

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According to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (2006), there are four domains. Each standard addresses a major practice (functional) area for registered nurses and health care workers. Each standard has a major component and describes the key elements of the standard in ways that are possible to measure. They refer to practice which works well together in relation to heath professional - client with mutual respect for each other contributions, and effective communication that can make all the difference in the client’s health outcome. Healthcare facilities that practice collaborative multidisciplinary care can improve the quality of patient care. This also contains some of core competencies that relate to nurses understanding, their …show more content…
Gruber and Hartman (2007, p.12) believes, since nurse work in such a varied environment, the best way to achieve the client trust and their heath related goals is to get the right set of communication skills for the nursing jobs/positions. Appropriate languages should be used in a various effective ways of communication. Further, communication practice depends on age group of clients and sometimes it requires considering clients past history to understand their current state of mind or medical status. The different types of communication methods appropriate to the situation and the individuals/groups level of communication can be used for nurse-client relationship. All health professionals should demonstrate the essential communication techniques to accomplish avoidance, confrontation, misinterpretation and to enable negotiation. It applies same on the health scenario of Aunt Mary; she appears quiet shy and does not make contact with nurses. To facilitate care for her, the nurse must communicate effectively to establish and maintain empathy and trust. Due to some past bad heath experiences she does not trust and she is afraid to ask any questions to doctors about her health conditions because she was unsure of all the medical terms and conditions (Unisa, …show more content…
Like all other relationships, the therapeutic relationship takes time to develop and requires commitment and effort to maintain. According to Wilkinson (2016, p.520-521), there are four phases of nurse-client therapeutic relationship which are focused strong respect, empathy, and trust through good communication skills. These phases are:
Pre-interaction: This phase establishes communication before meeting the client by collecting all information, reviewing data and medical history. In this scenario, her daughter Merrilyn can be the source to gather all information about Mary about her medical history, beliefs and reason behind a passive patient (Unisa, 2016).
Orientation phase: This phase begins with meeting the client and introducing the role in the relationship. It is suggested to nurse to address, clients by their preferred name and/or title that is on clinical information or care plan such as Mary Young is well known and active community member, so everyone respect her and address her by name “Aunt Mary” (Unisa, 2016). In the orientation phase before collecting personal or health information, inform the client that pertinent information will be shared with the healthcare

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