Nuclear Family Advantages And Disadvantages

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A nuclear family consitst of a father, a mother and their children. This form is only made up of two generations. In the nuclear family the child/ or children depend on their parents for love and nurturing. It is the role of the mother and the father to look after the child until such time that they are now able to live up on their own and are able to start their own family. The nuclear family is considered and the building block of life. The nuclear family is found in Western societies and among hunter gathers.
A compound family is also known as the polygamous family. This family form consist of a man, two or more wives, and his children. Inside the polygamous family each wife has a mini family, meaning each wife has her own children. The wives
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Bridewealth is paid by the groom to the brides family. Or the brides family pays dowry to the grooms family. The jural criteria is used as a legal evidence for a formal marriage. In Lesotho marriage requires agreement between two people and the transfer of the bohadi cattle. Both families need formal recognition.
There are important elements for a customary marriage. The grooms family have to slaughter a sheep to mark the arrival of the daughter-in-law and the son-in-law, it is known as koae. The transfer of bridewealth cattle is known as bohali. The brides family then have to slaughter an ox as a mark of fulfilment of the marriage contract, it is known as thlabiso. The dowry provided by the females family is known as phalelo. The customs have to be done even if it is a customary marriage. And ceremonies have to be done as transition to full womanhood. All the ceremonies have to be done inorder for the woman to get

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