Aztec Wedding Ceremony Essay

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Marriage Proceedings and Ceremony

Marriages were between couples of the same social class. Marriages were arranged during childhood, after puberty. A matchmaker, or atanzahab, similar to the matchmakers of Aztec society, would be responsible for facilitating the marriage of the prospective couple . If suitable for each other, the matchmaker would discuss dowry between the two families. When the terms of the dowry were settled, the ceremony began. A feast would be held by the bride’s family prior to the marriage. On the day of the wedding ceremony, the groom would go to the home of the father of the bride. A priest would discuss the duties of the married couple to each other and bless the couple . After the marriage ceremony, the son in law would work for the bride’s family for a number of years while the mother of the bride would ensure her daughter was taking care of her husband properly . Like the Aztecs, polygamy by men was
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A strong emphasis was placed on motherhood. In all three societies, motherhood was valued in ways similar to that of warriors. Childrearing responsibilities were placed primarily on the women, who also performed household duties. Occupationally, the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans, recognized the valuable practice of midwifery, often venerating these women. While marriage ceremonies differed in customs, both the Aztec and Mayan societies utilized matchmaker to negotiate dowry and ensure the compatibility of a couple. All three societies also placed importance of the father giving the bride to the groom and the ceremonies included the couple being informed of the duties the bride and groom have to each other. While all of these societies have significant differences in languages, religions, and government, the similarities between the treatment of women and their position in society is

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