Compare And Contrast The Inca Empire And Aztec Empire

The Aztecs were ethnic groups of central Mexico who grew to conquer large areas Mesoamerica known as the Aztec Empire. The Incan Empire was a civilization along the coast of South America that conquered neighboring regions through their military strengths. While both the Aztecs and Incas had similar social hierarchies consisting of the elite, government officials, and commoners, the Aztecs had no structured form of government only paying tributes to officials compared to the Incas’ military ran bureaucracy.
The Aztec Empire and the Incan Empire shared similar structures of their social class. Both empires had emperors from royal families that were given their position from heredity. The aristocrats from both empires wore special clothing to
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The commoners of the Aztec Empire mainly lived a farmers and land cultivators in community groups called calpulli. They would work either on land or on labor services constructing infrastructure and paying tribute to the elite class. Inca commoners and peasants would also work and care for the land that was granted to them by the aristocrats; any land production would be given to the state or royals. They also owned labor services like construction, maintenance, and building infrastructure. The roles of women were also very similar because women had a low status that did not allow them to own property or participate in political positions. Both empires view women to serve the job of motherhood and raising the children and great warriors as well as caring for the home and husband. The Aztec and Incan Empire shared similar societal aspects of their civilization because their empires both thrived during the same time period and they were in close regions to each other, which allowed their ideas of social classes to diffuse. Also, both empires were heavily reliant on agriculture for production of trade, which gave power to the wealth accumulating class compared to the working class. Along with agriculture and trade, religion influenced each …show more content…
The Aztecs had loose governing techniques, relying mainly on their military to demand tribute from their citizens; by paying tribute to the elite, it was a scare tactic to guarantee that the military would not harm any citizens as long as they kept paying. The Aztec theocracy placed power in the divine king or priest to rule. The Incas, on the other hand, ruled with their military and administrative positions through bureaucracies throughout the empire. There was an exchange of goods between the elite class and commoners, but it was the upper class that provided the people with land of benefits to keep them from becoming restless and to prevent rebellions. The Incas would also have their people pay taxes to the rulers and give any extra food or textiles produced to the state-owned warehouse for surplus supplies. The Aztecs ruled with military skill and fear to keep their people orderly; however, they did not have military bases stationed throughout the empire and did not have a permanent standing army. The Incas used their military positions to control neighboring land, and they would take hostages from neighboring ruling classes in order to achieve obedience and to brainwash them with Inca governing beliefs. Therefore, the military used well built roads

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