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Louis martin
English 1301
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I feel the overall message of the Viagra ad is that erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing, something that most will not speak up about. It is however also common among men that need not do anything but mention it to their doctors to solve it. Also it is a real problem. The manufacturing company Pfizer wants the consumer (whoever it is looking at the ad) to think that this is a serious problem but not a hopeless one. Also it is important to talk to your doctor before and while using this product. Seems to be a message that is heavily repeated or supported in this article. It also focuses a good bit on the side effects, but the bulk of the attention is
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The website is filled with comments from men all over that praising Viagra and even hailed it as a miracle drug. Possible because they remember some of the older and not as effective ways of curing impotence. However I feel that the most effective way to evaluate the overall product is to look at the effectiveness by comparison, risk, as well as the aesthetic qualities that Viagra possesses to understand the popularity of the product among so many people. At first look Viagra looks like just that, a miracle drug. Although there are side effects, the effectiveness and both aesthetic characteristics or Viagra make it an acceptable product. Satisfactory product in the eyes of many. as far as effectiveness is concerned; well first you have to figure out what the cause of you impotence is since the treatment is different for different causes. Before using viagra it is always recommended that you consult a doctor in advance, as the underlying cause of impotence is important to know before the use of a drug that clears it. For example if you have heart disease or cardiovascular problems that casue impotence then these must first be treated before you can be treated for the actual impotence. in some cases this cures the impotence itself and the libido is returned to normal. But in other cases when this alone is not able to cure the impotence or there are more than one cause; after consulting a general practitioner first, Viagra, can be

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