Notes On The Word Wisdom Essay

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Wisdom The word wisdom can be found over 200 times in the Bible, with prominent reference in the book or Proverbs (Blue Letter Bible, 2012). Throughout the New American Standard Bible, wisdom can be found in several variations, typically seen as a verb or an adjective. The Hebrew translation of wisdom is typically seen as chakam. Chakam is Biblically used to be wise, act wisely, instruct or teach wisdom, to be made wise, to make wise, or to show ones wisdom (Blue Letter Bible, 2012). Similar to chakam, another variation of the word wisdom is chokmah, which means wisdom or skill (Blue Letter Bible, 2012). Hebrew also provides translation for understanding and discernment, as a variation of wisdom, which is biynah. Old Testament Usage In the Bible, the concept of wisdom is associated with acquiring understanding of a skill, either given by God or through counsel. There a several Hebrew to English translation of the word wisdom, with the most common being chokmah. Chokmah occurs one hundred and fifty three times in one hundred and forty five verses in the Hebrew concordance of the New American Standard Bible (Blue Letter Bible, 2012). Chokmah literal definition of wisdom can be seen in 1 Kings 10:23, where God gave King Solomon wisdom so that he “became greater than all the kings in riches and in wisdom” (1 Kings 10:23, NASB). The primitive root word of chokmah, which is chakam, defines the concept of being wise. Chakam is a verb, which reflects the process of…

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